London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Cairo, Istanbul, Nice, New York, Saint Petersburg, to name just a few.

Then there are cities and towns in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the list goes on.

Now the city of Manchester is added to that list.

I have no words to add to the thousands already spoken.

Just thoughts and prayers for those who have died.

For those who have suffered bereavement or injury.

For those who are confused or traumatised.

When will it end?

I simply share the words of this prayer that I saw on Facebook this morning.

Lord have mercy,

Lord have mercy on the people of Manchester,

Lord have mercy on all caught up in the bombing,

Lord have mercy on all who are injured and traumatised,

Lord have mercy on all who are bereaved and bereft,

Lord have mercy on all who are providing care and solace,

Lord have mercy on those who must investigate what has happened,

Lord have mercy on us all as we struggle to understand why this can happen,

Lord have mercy. Amen.

Listening to the news reports today, we should also be grateful and proud for that spirit of coming together that the people of Manchester have shown, as well as the spirit of defiance in the face of evil and terrorism. It is the same attitude that has been shown in cities around the world, and is the only thing we can do. We have to continue with our daily lives because we cannot allow evil to win.