I suppose that I should start by apologising! I know some of my followers have been wondering what has happened to Thursday Thanks, when it is now Saturday. The only excuse I can offer is that it has been a very busy week since my first Thursday Thanks. Not only did Easter weekend fall in that period, and for most practising Christians that is an incredibly busy few days, and my weekend was no exception; but I have been busy preparing for two dinner parties here, I have enjoyed dinner with other friends, and I have been to the theatre with supper at a local restaurant beforehand, and there has been a little bit of tutoring in the French language for some youngsters, which has also passed the odd hour or two. I could apologise for the delay, but no – I’m not going to, I’m thankful that I’ve been so busy and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Last week I wrote that friends are so important, and that I’m really fortunate to have such a lovely group of friends. This week I can only say the same again. They are different friends, in different circumstances, but sharing meals again, and feeling truly blessed in the people that I know. No doubt many of you can say the same, and I hope that like me you want those friends to know that they are not taken for granted.

That’s it for this posting this week; next week looks interesting, busy and a bit different!