I love a good cup of coffee, but finding one is easier said than done! There are indeed many coffee shops around, and since I’m still reflecting on last week’s Paris trip, let me start there. The big international chains are all over the city, but I avoided those, I don’t see the point in travelling to another country to taste the same thing that I can get at home. Then there are the cafés and bistros on every street corner and in every locality. Some no doubt serve a good coffee, but so often the bitterness of the contents of the cup, or the surliness of the waiter spoils what should be a pleasant relaxing interlude of being with friends or watching the world go by. We drank a few cups of awful coffee last week, but thankfully we also found some very acceptable coffee shops and I just want to tell you about two of them.

photo on 1 apr 2017, 22_45_02

Just along the road from our hotel in the Boulevard Saint Germain was a branch of Cofféa with a vast array of coffees and teas. We bought some Tanzanian Mara Domaé coffee, with its notes of orange, mandarin and cedar, to enjoy once we were home.
The other coffee house we visited was La Caféothèque on the rue de l’Hôtel de Ville. Here we enjoyed a beautifully smooth Cappuccino made to perfection with Ethiopian beans for just 5.00€. This was just before we headed off in our taxi for the Gare du Nord. That smooth creamy taste stayed with me, and was a far cry from the bitterness of those other coffees or the surliness of some of the city’s waiters! A soothing end to five wonderfully hectic days in Paris.